Tactics vs. Strategy: Unearth Your Why

    Post by AMA Michiana member Aaron Charles of Villing & Co.

    A common battle in marketing circles is the impulse to think tactically rather than strategically. Marketing has so many tools and initiatives that can be used in the pursuit of building and promoting a brand. It can be easy to focus on the latest marketing silver bullet rather than dealing with one singular question that must come first.


    Whenever I hear that question, I think back to when I was a kid and it would be my rebuttal to nearly everything my parents said or did. Now that I’m older, that endless childlike inquisitiveness can come across as annoying. But back then, I was just trying to understand the world around me. To figure everything out.

    As marketers, we may not be able to figure everything out. But letting our inner child ask that familiar question just might be more helpful than you initially think.

    Why do you want a Facebook page? Why does a rebrand make sense for your company? Why isn’t your email marketing campaign seeing success? Why might traditional advertising be more impactful for you?

    All of those questions deal with tactics. Answering them can help you unearth a strategy.

    At this point, you’re probably wanting to ask me a certain question about all of this. Yep, you guessed it – why? Why do you need a strategy? Why is it better than moving from tactic to tactic?

    Don’t just take the answer from me. Simon Sinek answered this exact question in his famous TED talk – Start with Why.

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