Adding Story to Your Brand

    March 20, 2018
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    St. Joseph Conference Center at Holiday Inn
    1208 W Douglas Rd.
    Mishawaka, IN 46545
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    Kerry Edelstein is the President and Founder of Research Narrative, a firm which specializes in turning facts and figures of research into a STORY worth telling by finding the story in the data. Because our modern landscape is on data overload and inboxes are bursting, creating clear and compelling business narratives has never been more important.

    What Kerry will be bringing to our luncheon is a short-form version of Research Narrative’s “Think Like a Storyteller” workshop  on how to effectively craft, communicate, and manage data-based stories.

    Here are some of the take-aways you can expect:

    • Conquer the art of telling internal vs. external insights stories
    • Begin to find your voice as a storyteller
    • Heighten your persuasiveness
    • Learn how tools like storyboarding, building suspense, and three act structures bring your stories to life for non-researchers
    • Edit your stories to be productive and focused with your storytelling time


    About Our Speaker:

    Kerry Edelstein

    Kerry is the President and Founder of Research Narrative. An expert in creatiResearch Narrativeng data-driven stories that drive business and content strategy, Kerry has collaborated with renowned media brands such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Discovery, NPR, SheKnows Media, Vulcan Productions and Viacom Media Networks to develop programming, launch cross-platform media strategies, and build leading brand portfolios.

    Research Narrative has worked with Netflix, Discovery Channel, CMT, Amazon Studios and other media firms. They pioneered the M:RiseTM System which evaluates the potential to inspire change and make an impact via story. Kerry’s team is collectively brilliant and have headed teams and research departments at places like MGM/UA, Joost Media, Lieberman Research Worldwide; Kerry herself holds a BS from Cornell University, a MBA from UCLA and is a former VP of Research at SmithGeiger.



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