January 15, 2019
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    The Holiday Inn Mishawaka Conference Center
    1208 E Douglas Rd.
    Mishawaka, IN 46545
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    Five accidental lessons in leadership and business. 

    Leaders Don't Use Xanax (and Other Bull$#!& That Led Me Here)

    Topic overview - Leaders Don't Use Xanax (and Other Bull$#!& That Led Me Here) highlights the failures and struggles through five accidental lessons in leadership and business, as told humorously by Nicole Royer. 

    Walk with her through bad decisions, embarrassing moments, and awkward conversations, all leading to important takeaways and experiences for any stage of your career.  Disclaimer: This presentation contains minor adult language and honest storytelling, causing laughter, relatability, and a general feeling of appreciation that they didn't happen to you.

    Lessons/Key takeaways:

    1. If you have the passion to start a business, don't let anyone, even your parents, stand in your way
    2. Try to stand out in a good way, on purpose
    3. If you make the same mistake more than once, try to learn a different lesson the second time
    4. Harebrained ideas are sometimes the best
    5. Life and business are stressful - a good sense of humor and understanding of who you are will help you through it


    About the speaker!

    Nicole likes failure - no really! - and has used her expertise in failing and watching others fail at "business" to build her company, Innovative Revolution, in hopes that she can teach others how to fail faster and smarter while creating an innovative culture and environment.  For the past 15 years, Nicole has helped over 350 startups, including 3 Shark Tank participants, to build, grow, or fix their business, and has recently pivoted toward providing innovation and intrapreneurship culture training for larger businesses.  In addition to consulting, Nicole has built and sold 4 businesses (so far) and is working on a high-potential artificial intelligence tech startup.  You can typically find Nicole in nature, the library, or in her lab/home office, experimenting and testing ideas that make life and business better.  This year, she plans to grow her startup, launch the Innovative Revolution Podcast, and travel to Tokyo to participate in the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.






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