2019 Planning

    Post by Alexandria Trusov, President.

    Welcome to 2018!

    As we welcome in 2018, the volunteer team of AMA members who make up the Michiana AMA board are already at work planning the 2019 AMA season. What does that mean?

    The board year runs July to July. So, at this point in the AMA "year", the board is reviewing information received at the 2017 regional leadership retreat, preparing for the April 2018 national leadership retreat (where more than 300 marketers gather to plan and learn from the over 70 chapters of the AMA around the globe), discussing speakers and topics for our local Michiana chapter in the fall of 2018, and seeking new board members.

    Whenever we sit at a table as a board, I always leave one chair empty. Why? Because that chair is open for you. 

    The AMA provides education and resources. As an AMA national member you have access to a rich mosiac of knowledge: industry leading magazines, an online Marketer's Toolkit to help you do more, conferences and classes, online certifications, and much more. At the local level, the AMA is known for our luncheons as educational events (luncheons, breakfasts and after-hours), open to both members and  non-members. What we provide is so much more. We provide a community of other marketers for you to network with, and learn from. We provide a web of resources, at the local level, that span from vendor suggestions to someone for you to bounce ideas off of.

    But that local support net of education, community and resources only happens when people step up to volunteer. If you've attended a luncheon in the last 7-8 months, you've heard me say, "Many hands make light work." We need more hands to continue to provide you with local educational events and opportunities. 

    We'll be having elections for the board in late February/early March. If you would like to join us on the board, making a contribution to the local marketing community with your time and talent*,  please contact us by reaching out to any board member or here on the site.

    *And if you are interested in learning more about what you might get back, click here.




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