2017-2018 Board

    A post from AMA Michiana Chapter member and board president, Alexandria Trusov.

    It’s that time of year when summer starts, and the local AMA chapter transitions to a new board.  It is my privilege to serve as president of the new board, and I’m very proud to introduce to you the 2017 -2018 AMA Michiana board, volunteers who serve the local marketing community.






    Shane Frost – President Elect, VP of Communications. Shane sees to it that our announcements go out and our info (website, social media, and press) is solid.

    Norma Sheldon – Secretary. Norma make sure we follow protocols and keeps us all up-to-date with what is happening in the chapter.

    Julie Sisco – VP of Membership (and a former president). Julie oversees the membership committee and its increased initiatives for member engagement, as well as serving as our in-house research expert.

    Zach Milito – VP of Sponsorship. Zach takes the lead in creating sponsor relationships which are advantageous to both the chapter and sponsors who want to reach the Michiana marketing community.


    Paula Sours – Outreach Director, Membership Committee. Paula make sure we are regularly reaching out to new members and  current members whether by e-mail or having a coffee.

    Amy Slav –  Visibility Specialist, Sponsorship Committee (and a two-time former president). Amy makes sure we look good. More than that, she makes sure our sponsors look good – on our website, luncheon presentations and in print.

    Thom Villing – Board member At Large (and a three-time former president). While not attached to a specific committee, Thom serves as special projects coordinator and instigator on a several committees.

    What is listed above for the board members are their official duties. Many of our board do so much more than asked! And the AMA Michiana board is not closed. We have additional board positions available and open. We’d love to talk to any AMA Michiana members who are interested in volunteering on the board.

    Open board member positions include:

    Treasurer (if you are a CPA looking for exposure to business owners and stakeholders, this might be a good fit for you!)


    - Assistant VP of Programming

    - Director of Special Events

    - Logistics coordinator (urgent need)


    - Assistant VP of Communications

    - Web Guru


    - Assistant VP of Sponsorship

    -  Relationship Director


    - Assistant VP of Membership

    - Volunteer On-boarding Coordinator

    - Graphics Support

    When I talk about volunteering with the local AMA, I’m often asked “What does the AMA do?”.  At the end of the day, we provide a local touch on 3 things at which the American Marketing Association excels: Community. Education. Resources.

    Community – If you are a department of one, where else can you go to talk shop? If you are a larger department, what if you need to know who might be a great local photographer? Whether local or national, AMA members are a community.

    Education – The national AMA organization does a fantastic job of offering classes (on-line and in person), webinars, and putting out magazines which educate marketers. At the local level, what we do is bring in great speakers for luncheons and offer peer-to-peer information exchanges (the new code word for networking.) Talk to someone new, you might learn something new!

    Resources –At the local level  the Michiana AMA chapter offers access to resources. Access to talent looking for work. Access to people looking for talent. Access to information.

    We do those three things at the luncheons we are known for. We provide it one-to-one among the membership. We encourage it at our afterhours. The stronger our Michiana marketing community is, the better we, as a chapter, can provide a local outlet to community, education and resources.

    Interested in helping but not yet ready to join the board? You can still make a difference, even if you only have a few hours a month! Here are a few of our current volunteer needs:


    -       Social media amplifiers  - Post Sharers for Facebook and LinkedIn - We'd like to have some communications volunteers who Comment, Like and Share our posts to their connections .

    -       Press release writer and sender

    -       Upload our event info to various community calendars


    -       Membership table at events: Set up table and answer membership questions.

    -       Volunteer follow-up: check back to see if they have been able to complete tasks, do they want to take on more, etc         


    -       Thank you cards sent to donors .

    -       Check out Sponsors web site, FB or LinkedIN and share something important to them via our network to promote them


    -       Table host

    My favorite phrase from my Southern Grandma is “Many hands make light work.” I thank all of our AMAzing 2017-2018 board for their time and commitment – without you, what we do as a chapter would not be possible and you all make my work lighter. But, unlike the kitchen, in a non-profit you can never have enough hands! More hands are needed, and I’d  love for you to join us.

    Wishing you an AMAzing summer,

    Alexandria Trusov

    Information on membership: JoinTheAMA.org

    To reach out to the board about volunteering : [email protected]

    To read more about the value of membership, check out this blog post



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