Change of plans. Keep moving forward.

    During this past year, our friends at the AAF closed the local chapter. It was sad for us even though we were friendly competitors. Many of our AMA members often supported the annual Addy awards and luncheons; and we appreciate all the work local AAF volunteers have done over the last decade-plus. However, these friends haven't stopped engaging in the community or finding avenues for professional development. They keep moving forward.

    During this past year, our own national AMA organization changed its membership fee structure and launched a new website which brought several challenges for our local board of directors and many members. Yet, these organizational changes, while temporarily painful, bring along lasting benefits. We make adjustments to the change of plans. We keep moving forward.

    During this past year, I have had the privilege of being the president of the Michiana chapter of AMA - president of a 13-member board. Since the 2017-2018 year, we have added eight new board members. Eight new board members! Fresh ideas, new ideas. There are still five of us who have been on the board for five years or more, some for more than a decade. But we are all seeing and accepting change and we keep moving forward.

    Thank you, seasoned volunteer, board member Paula Sours, for taking the challenge of being our next chapter president, beginning officially in July for the 2019-2020 year. You kicked off your term with a wonderfully arranged board retreat. I look forward to supporting your efforts this year.

    Monica, Jane, Paula, and Amanda at the 2019-2020 Michiana Board Retreat

    Thank you, newer-to-the-board friends, Jane Lockhart and Amanda Watson, for committing and volunteering to be in key leadership positions for the next few years, alongside Andrew Culbertson, Monica Brazier, Ryan Richter, Elizabeth O'Leary, Dounia Ardahji and, our newest volunteer, Sara Snyder.

    Thank you, veteran board leaders, Thom Villing, Norma Sheldon and Amy Slav, for continuing to serve and for pledging to encourage the newer ones and for being resources rather than obstacles to the fresh ideas and new directions these latest board members are bringing to the table and where they are leading us.

    Thank you, to all the area entrepreneurs, marketers, CMOs, students and event attendees for engaging in AMA Michiana. We're confident you've learned innovative ideas and strategies or found new employees or employers. Surely, you can look forward to the programming and events and opportunities our new leadership will bring. Change is here. And you're invited to keep moving forward with us.


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