I'm Tired of Buying Toys

    A post by Alexandria Trusov, president-elect. 

    I’m tired of buying toys. 

    'Tis the season. Every relative’s kidlet has a list. So do your kids. There are Toys for Tots boxes everywhere - my office, my chiropractor’s office and every professional event I RSVP’d to in December. But, I’m tired of buying toys. I want to do something meaningful with my time and talent.

    And this is where the marketing community comes in. I’m a board member (aka volunteer) with the Michiana chapter of the American Marketing Association. Before joining the board, I became an AMA member for the language. I worked in a top 20 global market research firm surrounded by PhDs and marketing specialists. To learn to speak their language I needed some tutoring. Marketing News and The Journal of Market Research (the two publications I selected with my membership) helped me create a successful, nearly 10 year career with that firm. When I joined a local company, I knew I needed local marketing resources (info on printers, graphic designers, promotional products, local agencies, etc) to be successful - so I began attending the local, Michiana Chapter, AMA events as well as leveraging the Marketer’s Toolkit from the AMA website to give me templates that helped my marketing department of one do more with less. I started regularly participating in AMA training seminars like Advanced Social Media Marketing and Effective Marketing Writing to hone my skills. Then, I became a volunteer board member to help the local Michiana marketing community and further my connections within it.

    What does that  - being part of the AMA - have to do with toys and my burning desire to stop buying toys? (And let us be clear, I already bought my Toys for Tots gifts + I LOVE sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and Tickle Me Elmo. I am hardly a Scrooge.) Being part of the local AMA community has to do with giving gifts with meaning. And, this year, your gift to the local community can directly impact up to 5 local non-profits.  All you have to do is show up to lunch December 13th. Really. Our all-volunteer board is lining up Michiana non-profits with thorny marketing problems. They need diverse viewpoints. They need in box and out of box thinking. They need information on resources. They need solutions, they need ideas, they need you - your time and your talent.  

    I’ll be at Real Services for lunch on December 13th. Ready to help with my time and talent. Hoping to make a contribution in the Michiana community that lasts longer than a toy. Will I see you there?

    Click here for December 13th event details and registration.



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