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    A post by AMA Michiana 2017-2018 president, Alexandria Trusov

    I have to admit upfront that I likely have a prejudice for professional community. After all, I am not only a member of several associations but I'm also on committees and boards of those same associations. You see, I believe, very strongly that in a lot of things you get out what you put in. Over the years, I've belonged to  a variety of different associations and committees. But joining a professional association is different than any other kind of organization you might be part of. In addition to giving you a network of connections in the industry with specialized knowledge both similar and different from your own, it gives you access to resources to enrich your knowledge sphere. It also shows a strong committment to continuous learning and professional growth. (The kind I'd expect savvy HR professionals and recruiters to be on the lookout for.)

    From every speaker we've hosted this year, I've learned something new. In some cases I've learned a great deal! One of my favorites was Ryan Rhoten, who wrote Career Kred. In reading his book, I re-discovered things I'd neglected about my own career reputation. I also picked up 5 new tips! (I counted.And I have his book - thanks to the luncheon give-away - to keep my memory fresh.) From Kerry Edelstein of Research Narrative, I learned a fresh take on storytelling. With Dean Browell, I got to re-visit my market research roots. From Dena Lorenzi, I learned to think about my pitch from the editos's perspective (and I've had 3 more articles published for my company since that reminder!). Chris Snook did more than bring his 2017 marketing book of the year to our luncheon; Chris showed me what it is possible for the chapter to do - because bringing him to our chapter took us to a new level. And that's just a small sampling of our many events for the year! 

    FYI, here are my top 2 take-away tips for you, from the 2017-2018 year:

    - Storytelling with narrative is stronger than reporting on hard numbers alone. (Kerry)

    - Buy the domain for your name, even if your business website has a different name - and have it forward to your business site. (Ryan)

    Marketing is a far reaching profession. Social media specialists. Content creators. Graphic designers. Vidographers. UX designers. Market researchers. Account executives. Ad agency owners. Department of one marketing departments. Academics. Small business owners. Each of them are marketers. And at AMA events, we are a community who can all learn from each other. Being part of the AMA gives you access to resources (both knowledge and connections) you can't even imagine. until you join.

    Thank you to each of our AMA Michiana members for being part of our community. If you aren't a member yet of the AMA, you are welcome at events we host. You are part of our community, too! And, I hope to see YOU at one of our events at the upcoming 2018 - 2019 season which kicks off in July! Click here for a full list of upcoming events.

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