Membership Value

    A post by Alexandria Trusov, president elect.

    My AMA membership expires in 48 days.  Now is the time of year when I justify the $255 expense to my boss. (Point of note: All memberships are national: $220 are national membership dues and the Michiana AMA chapter dues are $35.)

    For that $255 I have:

    • Shown my boss monthly what I have planned using the Marketing Communications Calendar (Marketer’s Toolkit resource)

    • Given my HR Department a base Social Media policy (Marketer’s Toolkit resource)

    • Attended a full-day virtual conference “Amp Up Your Content Marketing” in October  (Free for AMA Members)

      • Next virtual conference event is  on February 22, about  Customer Centricity

    • Saved $300 off a hands-on AMA seminar class,  Effective Marketing Writing,  in Chicago this December (Member benefit)

      • Next Effective Marketing Writing class is in April in Austin TX

    • Used a Website Vendor Selection tool to help my management team pick a web agency for our new website (Marketer’s Toolkit resource)

    • Downloaded a PPT reporting  template for a Market Research project for my freelance business (Marketer’s Toolkit resource)

    • Saved $10 off every AMA Michiana luncheon (aka lunch-n-learn) I’ve attended on topics like:

      • PR Crisis Management

      • Real World VR Applications and the Marketing Implications

      • Remarketing with Google AdWords

      • Creating a Win-Win-Win Non-Profit Relationship

    • Been part of the all-volunteer AMA Michiana board, where I have:

      • Amped up my leadership skills

      • Found business partners

      • Gotten several freelance projects

      • Made amazing friends

    Mastercard has a tagline that we all know  - “Priceless.” Well, my AMA membership isn’t priceless. It’s $255. But that is money well spent for my professional development, for the time I’ve saved as a marketing department of one by using AMA resources,  and for the friends I’ve made along the way.

    PS - My current company has graciously picked up the tab for my membership the last few years. (That wasn’t always the case - I’ve paid for it from my own pocket for a number of years.) It may have something to do with how I discuss the AMA at my office where I am a marketing department of one.

    • “Here’s the website vendor tool I got from the AMA  to help us objectively narrow to the best vendor.”

    • “We talked about Event Marketing at the Gift of Talent AMA luncheon. Let me send you a few notes on what I learned that might help us with our upcoming event.”

    • “Here’s a snapshot of my plan for the month using the AMA Marketing Communication Calendar.”

    • “That AMA luncheon I just attended had info on loyalty programs. Let me look at my notes and send you a few ideas.”

    • “Because I’m already an AMA member, we can get $300 off the price of that professional development seminar.”

    Interested in learning more about membership? Check out JoinTheAMA.org for details. Or come to one of our local events, we'd be delighted to meet you!

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