What's in a name?

    By Mollie Young, Nametag International, Inc.

    A series of letters. A word. That’s all a name is. Choose the right one, though, and it can create magic. It can change behavior. It can be the difference between success and failure. It can live for generations. A good brand name is as enduring as well-tended land. It serves as the groundwork for growing a successful product or enterprise and is able to withstand the winds of change.

    Tip #1 – 9 Key Questions for Creating Your Name or Building a Brand Name

    Here’s a little “Naming Know-How” – a few tips to help you get the job done. Remember, naming something is a process. As you embark on the expedition here is some advice on how to get going. Start by asking:

    1. What is the laser-focused objective?
    2. What are you naming?
    3. What is the single thing (or main thing) you want the name to say?
    4. How will you use the name?
    5. Who are your key competitors?
    6. Who are your clients/customers?
    7. What is your #1 competitive difference?
    8. What is your success criteria for the name?
    9. What are your trademark requirements (state, federal, global)?

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