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    How to Put a Dent in the Universe: Lessons from Apple, Inc.

    February 06, 2020
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Gillespie Conference Center
    53993 Indiana S.R. 933
    South Bend, IN 46637
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    AMA Special Event Luncheon

    How to Put a Dent in the Universe: Lessons from Apple, Inc.

    Apple started in a garage and is often credited with starting the personal computer revolution. But, soon the company was struggling to remain relevant. Its founder was ousted and at one point Apple was within 60 days of going out of business.

    When the founder was asked to return, Apple started a meteoric rise to  become one of the biggest business success stories in history.  What changed ? EVERYTHING. The products, the people, the vision, and the leadership.

     In this talk you will learn:

    • History: Apple’s early days and how the Mac made such an impact on the future of personal computing.
    • Steve Jobs: How one man’s passion, vision, creativity and “Reality Distortion Field” changed the world.
    • How Apple predicts the future by “inventing it”.
    • How and why Apple focuses on “design” vs. “engineering”.
    • How Apple’s focus on “Disruptive Innovation” has created new industries.


    "The Apple brand story is one of the most compelling in marketing history.  I've heard it many times from many different perspectives and no one tells it better than Jack McLaughlin. Its a story every marketer, every c-suite executive, every entrepreneur should hear."
    - Thom Villing, former chapter president and current board member

    About the Speaker

    Jack McLaughlin spent 25 years at Apple, Inc., as a Higher Education Account Executive.  His accounts included dozens of universities in the Great Lakes Area, such as the University of Notre Dame, University of Chicago, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Loyola University, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, Marquette University and Michigan State University.

    After retiring, Jack has held adjunct faculty roles at several colleges and has been a guest lecturer/speaker on various topics from “Overcoming Fear” to “The History, Culture and Differentiation of Apple, Inc.”

    He also has a life-long passion for the study and practice of personal development. Jack has applied his passion to helping young people create a platform for future success. He is the author of the “Developing Habits for Success” program, a five part series on work & career, interviewing skills, money management and overcoming obstacles, for High School seniors.


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