The Ethical and Unethical Management of Crisis

    December 15, 2020
    11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
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    The Ethical and Unethical Management of Crisis

    Jim Lukaszewski, America’s Crisis Guru®, believes that all questionable, inappropriate, unethical, immoral, predatory, improper, victim-producing, and criminal behaviors are intentional. And all ethical, moral, compassionate, decent, civil, and lawful behaviors are intentional. The choice is clear and always yours.

    In this insightful presentation, Jim covers what makes an ethical crisis, the psychology behind unethical leadership misbehavior, and how we as individuals can catch ourselves from slipping into common ethical pitfalls. 

    Key takeaways

    • How to behave and communicate ethically, successfully, and intentionally
    • Profiles in failure, the patterns of decision making that lead to failed responses
    • How to avoid bungling apology and empathy that can permanently taint even the perfect response
    • How unethical behavior begins: to detect, deter, expose and prevent it
    • How to successfully seek forgiveness.
    • How to conduct your own daily ethics audit
    • Assess the ethical pitfalls to avoid


    Jim has been a student of the pathology of management and leadership misbehavior for more than 40 years. He has used this knowledge in real-time to guide the recovery of over 300 companies, domestic and international, through over 400 victim producing events. Lukaszewski believes that while every organization experiences a variety of difficulties and challenges as they operate, those that suffer serious adverse circumstances do so as the result of their intentional decisions, acts, and omissions.


    About the speaker:

    James (Jim) E. Lukaszewski (Loo-ka-SHEV-skee) is one of America’s most visible corporate go-to people for senior executives when there is trouble in the room or on the horizon. As America’s Crisis Guru®, Lukaszewski is known for his ability to help executives look at problems from a variety of sensible, constructive, and principled perspectives. He is known for taking a business approach rather than traditional PR strategies by teaching clients to take highly focused, ethically appropriate action.

    Lukaszewski has written 14 books and hundreds of articles and monographs. His newest book, The Decency Code, The Leaders Path to Integrity and Trust was published by McGraw Hill in March 2020.

    Jim served as a PIO during his service in Minnesota State government from 1974 through 1978. He was an assistant press secretary for former Governor Wendell Anderson and as deputy commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Economic Development.

    From 1988 through 2009 he served as a civilian advisor to USMC Public Affairs. In that capacity, he also participated in the BGSOC for seven years, at one point having coached every active duty USMC General. He has lectured and done seminars for all branches of the US military. He speaks frequently to a variety of PIO organizations around the United States.


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