Building a Data Strategy: Requirement, project, nuisance or all three?

    March 16, 2021
    11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
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    “The spreadsheets don’t match.  My competitors have passed me by. I am not sure where all my product is. And my nephew says Artificial Intelligence will fix it.  It seems that data needs to be part of my thinking."

    Building a data strategy isn’t a new idea. But what may surprise you is what is required to really pull it off. And what will really surprise you is that no single organization, of any size or reach, is excused from this exercise (yes, including yours.)

    In this presentation, data-expert John Ladley will offer practical advice on how you can embed a data strategy into your business strategy; and why it's important that you do. John will cover essential data concepts that must be remembered, and layout alternative approaches to data and information challenges in a simple, hands-on manner.   


    • How data can be a catalyst for growth in your business
    • How to pragmatically begin implementing data into your business strategy
    • The data concepts you must know 




    About the Speaker

    John Ladley biography

    John Ladley is a well-known and experienced data practitioner who helps organizations define and transition to new business and data capabilities. John is a widely published author and contributor, and his popular books, Data Governance and Making Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Work for Business, are considered essentials for organizations to deploy data management and data governance.  John was one of the main editors for the DMBOK 2nd edition.  John’s work across many industries and government organizations focus on practical and realistic application of data management concepts, especially alignment of business and data strategy, organizational change, and practical application of data technology to address business problems. 

    You can learn more about John and his background at www.johnladley.com





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